Privacy policy, Jot-Rent Oy


Job applicants’ and employers’ form roster and labor union roster

  • Paper versions in locked cabinet at the Jot-Rent office
  • Excel versions in cloud computing on the Jot-Rent office365service
  • Access to rosters for authorized personnel
  • The cabinet is locked, access to keys for authorized personnel
  • Personal usernames and passwords for cloud computing

Job applicants’ information in the Jot-Rent Tikon -payroll system

  • In protected and encrypted computers 1 and 2 at the Jot-Rent office
  • Access to information for the assistant and CEO
  • Personal usernames and passwords for the Tikon-system

Employees’ occupational health register

  • Terveystalo’s cloud computing
  • Encrypted server
  • Access to information for CEO and assistant
  • Personal usernames and passwords for CEO and assistant

Employees’ payroll information

  • Accounting company
  • Encrypted server
  • Access to information for CEO and assistant
  • Personal usernames and passwords for CEO and assistant

Data processing

  • Right to process data for authorized personnel
  • Jot-Rent asks for permission to register information from every individual separately (also on employment contracts)
  • Individuals under 16 will require a guardian’s permission
  • Job applications will be kept for 6 months, workforce applications for 5 years. After this the data will be completely deleted.
  • Documents, such as employment contracts, are stored according to operation system and law enforcement guidelines
  • All individuals in the register have the right to remove or edit their own information
  • The register data is stored in an operation system folder in a locked cabinet at the Jot-Rent office and cloud computing at office365
  • The cabinet has a lock – keys for authorized personnel
  • Personal usernames and passwords for authorized personnel in cloud computing
  • The data protection officer must inform surveillance authorities within 72 hours in the case of an information security violation
  • All contracts must be made in written form

Attachments in locked cabinet at the Jot-Rent office 

  • Confirmation Accounting company
  • Confirmation Terveystalo
  • Confirmation Office365
  • Mindmap of all registers


1. Controller

Jot-Rent Oy

Kauppakatu 44, 92100 Raahe

044 988 3707

2. Contact person for matters regarding the register  

Jari Riihijärvi

    044 5646195


3. Register 

Jot-Rent Oy customer register 

4. Purposes for processing personal data

Personal data in the register is used for delivering the services purchased by the customer from Jot-Rent, managing customer relationships, and planning and developing the company’s business. 

5. Registered data

The register may contain the following customer data:
• Name (first and last names)
• Language used for business
• Invoicing and delivery address (street address, postcode, municipality, country)
• Email
• Telephone number

6. Sources of data

The data is obtained from the customer in connection with the execution of a service or product delivery agreement, i.e. when a customer relationship is established, and possibly later if there is a need to update the aforementioned registered data.

7. Disclosure of personal data  

Personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties unless required by the authorities.

8. Protection of the register

Personal data shall be kept confidential. Access to the register is only by appointed employees of the controller who need the said data in their work and who have a personal right to use the register. The processors are also bound by the obligation of confidentiality. 

9. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

According to article 21 of the General Data Protection Regulation, every registered person has the right to object to the processing of their data by the controller for direct advertising, distance selling or other direct marketing, as well as marketing surveys or opinion polls, personal registration or genealogy.

10. Transfer of data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

Data shall not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.



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